Off-Road Cooking

Shopping List

How to make a shopping list:

Look inside your cupboards, think about foods you like or would like to eat this week. Then, think about the ingredients in those dishes. Make a list based on these ingredients and then make sure to get enough of the ingredients for the particular dishes. For example, if you want to make enchiladas one day and chili the next, get enough cans of beans, veggie crumbles, fresh tomatoes, onions, fresh peppers, garlic, and spices for both dishes.

Accept the fact that people make mistakes and get forgetful (yes, even you! And especially me and my mother!). You may have to go to the grocery or market again later in the week, and may have to shop like this a few times before you really catch on to the process. Don’t give up on planning for the week, or even just planning enough to get some staple ingredients around which to make dishes. If you’re on a low budget, I recommend planning, because it saves time and money (time and money are both essential to be saved on a low budget).

Write the list down! I really recommend this above all. It’s important if you tend to forget things.

Another note: I do NOT advise making shopping lists when hungry. Eat a snack first, preferably with protein, and then write the list. Also, unless you have a SUPER-FANTASTIC memory, please write your list down OR make a note in your phone.

Third (and possibly last) note: Keep a small tablet of paper with you in your briefcase, purse, tote bag, gym bag, whatever you use to carry things, in order to write down lists. It comes in handy!


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